Starbucks vs. Shakeology

I stopped by Starbucks today.

I refilled my cup with shakeology when I got home, but it got me thinking.


▶️Empty Calories
▶️3-4 processed ingredients
▶️ Cost of a grande iced coffee: $5.28



▶️ 70+ ingredients derived from whole foods
▶️No artificial ingredients or sweeteners
▶️Provides my body with nutrients
▶️ Cost of a grande blended shake: $3.54



If you had a ☕️ Starbucks ☕️a day for the whole month: $158.40

🌱 Shakeology 🌱 for the whole month: $106.18 


I know that monthly investment seems like a lot for some people. It certainly felt that way for me in the beginning until I started putting it into perspective.


I can't think of a single place I can purchase a healthier meal than Shakeology for less than $4 per day that provides me with the same level of nutrition. It's a steal!


Cheers ✌🏼