My Imperfections

::::::::::: REAL TALK ::::::::::::


I don’t want anyone to be under the facade that this fitness stuff is easy for me. 🐥

I don’t pop out of bed every day thinking, “YES-let’s workout!”. Some days, I do. Some days I’m on 🔥FIRE, but MOST days I’m dragging my butt up to the bonus room. 

Of course I like to be positive, because the alternative is dark 🌧 and gloomy. I DO feel happy after I finish a solid sweat session, but getting to that moment isn’t always 🌈rainbows.


▶️▶️The truth is today I feel bloated, frustrated, humbled, and far from where I want to be. I’m going to love myself through it, trust the process, and celebrate how far I’ve come. This transformation stuff, embracing your's HARD. I hate to think I've ever made someone believe it was an effortless process.

It takes work, sweat, commitment and those things aren't sexy to hear about.


So, for the girl that stares at her reflection today and feels less than because you're comparing yourself to someone's highlight reel....

▶️▶️THIS is ME. Rolls and all chilling in my bathing suit bottoms. Chin up buttercup. We got this!