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For anyone that is a NEW to my PAGE! THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT! 

I have been a Beachbody coach for 3 years, but have only been FULL-TIME coaching since October. It still feels like I need to pinch myself. 

I was actually a pharmacist working a traditional job with healthcare hours. Most of the time I was working until the store closed and every other weekend.

Last Christmas felt like a WHIRLWIND!

I barely had time to see family, shop, or soak in the all the things that make it the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!


I had every single weekend open and FILLED IT with FUN & FAMILY.

WEEK 1: We took our Mom to The Biltmore for her Birthday

WEEK 2: Traveled home for Christmas with my Family

Week 3: Pete and I got ENGAGED! 

Week 4: We flew to Omaha, Nebraska and made our way into IOWA to spend Christmas with Pete's family.

Unless I were a teacher, there is NO WAY with a traditional job I would have ben able to spend 7 days away from home without taking vacation time. Our flight home was even cancelled and I didn't feel an ounce of anxiety.

As long as I have my phone I'm CONNECTED and can communicate with my TEAM and CUSTOMERS while growing a business. 

2015 was incredible! My Beachbody income almost TRIPLED from 2014. That is NUTS to me. Re-creating a FULL-TIME income as a coach...that REALLY HAPPENED! 

I want to mentor 5 women this month who aren't afraid to GO AFTER IT, HUSTLE, and make 2016 a BREAKOUT year. 

Dude...If I can do this....YOU CAN DO THIS!