I'm Engaged!

You heard it FOLKS!  I'm ENGAGED!

I met Pete on a blind date.  If I'm being really honest I got tired of waiting on THE ONE and launched into ACTION on my behalf.  I PRAYED, got really CLEAR about the kind of man I wanted to grow old with, raise a family with, and do life with.  After a glass of wine, or two I got the guts to join MATCH.COM.  It still makes me squirm to admit that.  WHYYYY?!?  I don't know, because it just might be the BEST decision I have made in my life.

I met a man who shared all the core values I prayed for.  He has a relationship with God, he loves his family, he's a hard worker, and to his core is one of the most caring thoughtful people I know.  My grandma loves him too.