My Dream Big Vision

I know people dream differently and that's okay. 

I remember in Middle School one of my best friends Mom would pick us up from school in her Mom mobile and have snacks waiting for us in the backseat while she carted us to practice. I thought it was awesome. It seemed like she volunteered to help with any and every project at our high school. After our softball games she always came with a cooler full of sliced oranges, strawberries, waters, etc and you felt taken care of. It's something I always wanted to do.

It's part of my dream. To have a mom mobile and take care of my family.

When I was working retail pharmacy it would have been really tough to think about the logistics of raising a family with both pete and my work schedules.

He often flies to job sites halfway across the country and may have to stay for 2-3 days during the week. I was working 13 hour shifts from 8am to 9pm or later depending on the store's foot traffic. It always seemed like I would hear the drive through alarm right at close and I'd have to stay open late to fill a last minute prescription, or it would have been rude to lower the pharmacy gates with a line of customers at the register. Every other weekend and holidays too.

I know we would have figured it out once we got there. I could have gone part time, or we could have found a super nanny near by that would have allowed me to stay on full-time.

I didn't like those options. wink emoticon

Going part time would have meant a major reduction in our combined income that doesn't align with my goal of paying of student loans, and finding childcare no matter how exceptional would have meant missing out on moments I wanted to be present for.

In an instant I had an extra WHY layered onto my motivation for coaching.  

Coaching allowed me the option to generate a full time income in a fraction of the time from the comfort of my own home.  

It meant one day, having the Mom mobile, slicing oranges in my kitchen for the big game, and still earning a salary that allows me to pay off my student loans. GAME CHANGER.  

It's crazy to think by building an online business over the past couple years I have completely ELIMINATED those worries. By the time Pete and I do start a family it will be a non-issue.  

This business has COMPLETELY CHANGED the way I think about life and our FUTURE. The possibilities, the freedom, the flexibility...

If the degrees hanging on my wall are what inevitably lead me to where I am, I don't regret it all. I ended up exactly where I always dreamed I would.