Easy Work Day Meal Prep

Heeeeyyy! Quick update! Round 2 of 80 Day Obsession is going great! I'm on Day 10! You can see my results from the first round here!

There's also a new program I'm incorporating into my routine. It's NOT a fitness program, it's a nutrition program to help reshape your mindset and relationship with food! More details coming soon--promise!

I was in a rush yesterday trying to check off my to do list and made sure to lay out my meal prep for y'all! It definitely takes time to package everything up, but I have to keep it super simple. I hope this visual helps you!


The only thing I cooked were the boiled eggs and my pre-workout meal (#4).  The rest was taking time to wash my fruit, cut it up, and measure everything for these snack packs. By the way, I LOVE these snack packs. They are shaped like squares, but all my fruit portions are 1 cup, and they fit perfectly! I was thrilled. My lunch box isn't huge, so I don't have the space for a lot of plastic containers. This works great for me! These in particular are Great Value brand from Walmart and the meal prep containers are from Amazon.

This doesn't include EVERYTHING  for the whole day, just what I need while I see my patients. I will have an additional post-workout meal with protein + a carb + a veggie.

I'll have a pre-workout drink and a post workout drink. BOTH of which I am obsessed with. If you want more info on the pre-workout drink I use, you can read more here. I'll add a post about my post-workout drink later. It tastes like yoohoo when mixed with ice water and I can make it taste like a dessert if I blend it with dark frozen cherries. It's a game changer. Anyways, back on track! Keep scrolling to see what I packed!



1. blueberries + cashews

2.  boiled eggs x 2 + strawberries + carrots

3. spinach/arugula + chichen + unsalted sunflower seeds + grape tomatoes + black beans + balsamic dressing

4. chicken + yellow bell pepper + black beans/whole grain brown rice (I cooked this all together in a little olive oil with garlic powder, pepper, and himalayan pink salt. The chicken was precooked.)

5. boiled eggs x 2 (just in case hangry hits before I get home!)

I hope this gives you a few ideas! Remember to keep it simple if you're just starting to meal prep!