My 5 Week Fitness Progress

The 5 weeks between these two photos flew by. When I took my before photos I burst into tears. It was really hard to put a smile on my face. 

I made some big changes in my life 2 years ago. I'll spare you the details, but anxiety can do strange things to a person. Seemingly overnight I went from exercising and eating healthy to cooking casseroles.

I quickly gained 20 lbs. in a blink. 

I knew this program was getting ready to launch and I'm so glad I talked myself into joining a test group of coaches to go through this process with. I needed that accountability to stick to the workouts and start the process over with nutrition. It always goes back to that-FOOD MATTERS.

Day 0 vs Day 32

Day 0 vs Day 32

Day 0 vs Day 32

Day 0 vs Day 32

Here's the most important thing I want you to know. Mentally, the first four weeks of this program was really freaking hard. It wasn't the food, or the workouts that kicked my butt as much as the mental back and forth battle. "keep going!" vs "this isn't going to work for you...give up.". 

Logically we know consistent exercise and healthy nutrition works. We KNOW that, but it's the mental game you have to face head on until you see those physical results. If you can get past that first hurdle, GIRLFRIEND you can do  A N Y T H I N G. 

I know it sounds cliche', but you really do have to trust the process and forget about the scale. Focus on the post workout high and know that you are doing the right thing even when you look in the mirror and don't see the physical results yet. 

I can't wait to share more progress with you. As I'm writing this, we are OFFICIALLY past the 40 day mark of this 80 day program! Stay tuned, and in the meantime if you are interested in more details on how you can be part of my next online fitness group click the button below!

*Update: I'm officially on Day 51 in the last 30 days of this program! I can't wait to share more progress! I feel stronger than ever!